Kitten Information

Daisy & Dolly
All my kittens are born and raised in the home. They are given a great deal of love and care from the moment they are born. From a very early age they grow up in our living room so they are used to the tv, vacuum cleaner and all my other cats.  This ensures that each kitten is very well socialised.  They are handled from the first day and are also used to being groomed.
Just like people, Ragdoll cats love company and are not always happy if left for long periods of time on their own.  This should be given great thought when considering buying a kitten.  Generally, they do like the company of other pets as well as mummy and daddy.
I raise my kittens in accordance to the codes of ethics laid down by the GCCF, Traditionalist Ragdoll Cat Society , The British Ragdoll Cat Club and Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club.  The earliest any kitten will receive it's first vacination against 'flu, enteritis and panleucapenia is 9 weeks of age in accordance with the drug manufacturers instructions.
Until a kitten has received it's first vacination and thorough health check no kitten will be available for viewing or reservation.  A kitten can only be classed as reserved once a deposit of £50 is received. 
Please do not ask to view, reserve or take home a kitten ealier than this as you will be refused.  It would be unethical of me to break these very important rules and recomendations that have been put in place to protect the kittens health.
It is my intention to have all kittens sold as pets neutered before going to their new homes.  The cost of this will be added to the purchase price of the kitten. The earliest this will be done by my own vet is 18 weeks of age and dependent on the weight of the kitten.
Each kitten leaves my home with four generation pedigree, kitten pack, vacination certificate, wormed, flea free, 4 weeks free Petplan insurance and care sheet.  You will be asked to sign a kitten sales agreement before taking your kitten home.  
Any kitten that is sold neutered, the new owner will be provided with the GCCF registration certificate to transfer the kitten into their own name (providing it is available at the time). If the kitten is for whatever reason not neutered before going to their new home the GCCF registration document will be withheld by myself until proof of neutering is received. For further information regarding this procedure please refer to GCCF Section 1 Rules 10A and 10B.
Last, but not least, I have two very important things to mention.  I love to know how my babies are doing, love to see pictures and hear stories about them so please do keep in touch and be warned - Ragdolls are very addictive and most people do not stop at one so don't blame me!  That's how I got started with this beautiful, beautiful breed of cat.